“Open Banking” in a nutshell

The terms “Open Banking” or “API Banking” comes up quite often in discussions about the future of Banking and finance. the term is also used to describe two pieces of financial regulation: The competition and Market Authority’s (CMA’s) ‘Open Banking Remedy’ and the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

But what does this mean in conrete?

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Do not look at the Branch of the Future but at the Branch of the Now

Enough with the talk of the branch of the future. The branch of the future is something I’ve been hearing about since I entered the banking industry in 1986. Guess what? Nothing has really changed that much. So welcome to the future which is really here, and now. Outside your branch doors a digital revolution is occurring at this very moment. Sure, there will be ever more technology in our future and it will never go away. However, when it comes to retail banking, the digital world now overshadows the analog world of branch banking. In other words, most of you, my banking friends, live in the past. Want to catch up?

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A simple introduction to crypto-currencies

Crypto-currencies (bitcoin et al) have caught the attention of Governments, enforcement agencies, geeks and the general public. This document provides a simple introduction to crypto-currencies and briefly introduces terms such as cryptography, hash functions, proof-of-work, digital signatures, mining, merkle root & tree, crypto-currency addresses and wallets. This document is intended for the novice reader and may suffer from errors inherent when a complex topic is (over?) simplified.

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