Cross-Selling to Gen-Y Banking Consumers

72% of of adults under age 30 who are shopping for checking accounts are also in the market for other banking products. To capitalize, institutions must align their channel experiences, offer rewards for deeper relationships and focus on cross-selling in the branch.
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Bankers: Want More Sales? Have Better Conversations

In banking, we often think about customer “transactions” as discrete opportunities to either succeed or fail with the customer. Succeed enough over the course of time, without any substantial “fails,” and the customer should reward you with increased business – or at least keep you near the top of their consideration set. The problem with this view is that it is extremely passive, and passivity kills.
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The World of Multi-Channel Delivery

“When in doubt, mumble. When in trouble, delegate. When in charge, ponder.” -James Boren Let’s talk about the multi-channel experience we’re all designing. As we get deeper into the world of branch/Internet/mobile delivery, a very clear planning tenet has been the development of a “seamless, consistent, easy cross-channel experience.” Perfectly valid. Nobody who lives in all of these channels will accept anything but easy. We already know that. – See more at:
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Sales & Marketing Lessons for Financial Institutions From the Retail Sector

On holidays like Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day traditional retailers have door-busters, sidewalk sales and clearance events. And what do banks and credit unions normally do on these days? Close their doors.
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9 Secrets to Building Customer Engagement in Banking

Virtually every bank and credit union has the acquisition of new customers as a top priority for 2014. But generating a new account is only the beginning. To generate near-term profitability and long-term relationships, the new customer must become fully engaged.
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Five Keys to Onboarding Success

New customer onboarding continues to be one of the most important strategies for banks and credit unions wanting to improve engagement, share of wallet, retention and ultimately the value of a relationship.

According to the 2014 State of Marketing in Retail Banking study just released, 59.6% of respondents said that onboarding programs will be a more important strategy in the coming year. This should not be a surprise in an environment where financial institutions are faced with the challenge of growing net new relationships, increasing revenues, optimizing marketing spend and improving cross-sell results.
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5 Tips for Selling Banking Products in Social Channels

Selling on social does not have to feel all slimy. Just make sure you coordinate your strategy and execute with buy-in throughout your organization – from management to front line employees.

Simply uttering the word “sales” in the context of social media often triggers a reaction akin to the face people make when a vacuum salesman knocks on their front door. Financial marketers fear that marketing their products and services in social channels will put them on par with used car salesmen.
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