Predicting the future of money

The Future of Money Award was launched in 2009 and was created to bring previously unseen creative thinking to the financial industry, by asking artists and designers to think ‘out of the box’ when imagining the future of money and payments – pushing the boundaries of what might be possible.

The theme of the award this year was ‘Identity is the new money”, and it invited… “creative practitioners to imagine a future world where identity has become the new money… looking for either hopeful or woeful visions of this monetary future, which explore the social impact of this technological trend.”
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10 credit score truths and myths

If your personal information gets compromised, a thief will open up financial accounts in your name. However, they will not pay the bills, and this will ruin your credit.

Whether bad credit results from the legitimate credit holder’s irresponsibility or from identity theft, your ability to buy a car, rent a nice place, purchase a home or even get employment can be severely stifled.
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Changing payments landscape

The banking and payments landscape is changing at a great pace. Increasing consumer demand for quick and easy access to accounts has led to greater reliance on technology for banks and consequently innovations such as electronic invoicing, mobile payments and e-commerce are developing at breakneck speed.
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Millennials Are Better with Money Than You Think

The kids are all right.

The rap on today’s young income-earners is that they haven’t bothered to learn about money and spend too much time on social media and smartphones. But two recent studies paint a very different picture. They show a generation that is making use of the broad spectrum of financial products, and aspires to save money, even if they lack the means in today’s challenging economy and the debt brought on by their education.
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Big Day for Payments: Plastic vs. Digital

It is more than a bit ironic that on a day that Isis Mobile Wallet announced that they were going live with their carrier-backed digital payments initiative, a unique card-based solution named Coin announced their alternative solution to the overstuffed wallet.
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Humans 1.0: banking is in our monkey genes

We think our behaviours are unique.  Our attitude to money is innately human and our ideas of value are something that homo sapiens have created through distorted wealth systems.


We have our sense of economics inbuilt through scarcity, demand and supply.

This is demonstrated amply by monkeys who, in test labs, are being given simulated markets and money to see how they behave.

The basic example is that monkeys believe they should all be equal.

When you introduce inequality, they get mad.
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