How to Manage the Decline of the Teller Job

With branch transactions in decline, it’s time for banks to adopt a multi-year strategy to retrench, reposition and reenergize some of their best frontline staff – the teller workforce.

What do bank tellers, toll booth attendants and mail carriers have in common? Each group has provided decades of specialized manual service, yet is being overtaken by technology alternatives and changing customer behaviors.
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Teller Capture for Improving the Branch Experience

Teller capture technology can be utilized to improve customer service in the branch and make brick-and-mortar more relevant.

Statistics show that bank networks in the U.S. are shrinking, with 2,267 branches closing in 2012 alone, according to SNL Financial. The closures can primarily be attributed to technology advancements including mobile and online banking, as well as the increasing use of image-enabled ATMs.
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Yes, Your Tellers Can Engage Your Customers

When talking to branch managers about how to engage their customers, one of the biggest pushbacks I hear is, “Tellers only have a few minutes to make a transaction. They don’t have time or easy access to the systems that profile customers to really create connections.” But even in those three minutes, your tellers can engage customers. Here are four things you can do in your branches to help your tellers upgrade their small talk and make connections with all of your customers.
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On the Way to a Self-Service Future, Video Banking

Before we arrive at completely self-service banking, we need a little mediation involving human beings. One form that mediation is taking is video teller assistance in the ATM environment.

Bank of America began a test of enhanced ATMs with video banking capability — called Teller Assist — in April 2013 in Boston and Atlanta. The learnings from those 12 banking locations have been analyzed, and another set of locations is set to open in Charlotte, N.C., where the bank is headquartered.
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Smartphone trifft den GAA

Bei all der aktuellen Diskussion um digitales Banking gerät einer der Hauptkontaktpunkte zwischen Kunde und Bank etwas ins Abseits: Der SB Bereich mit Geldausgabeautomat (GAA) und SB Terminal. Dabei gibt es auch hier bemerkenswerte Innovationen.
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