Banks should take take a look at Alexa

Voice is the “new platform” from consumer interaction. Amazon’s Alexa now has about 12,000 skills on its platform. Banks and other FIs increasingly recognize the potential impact of voice tech on customer experience and should consider to use it

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Bank Branch Network of the Future

Like companies in many industries, financial institutions are under pressure to chart a new course by reshaping their business models to compete in a world of changing customer expectations.  There is a small window of opportunity to respond to this shift within the market and banks are in the throes of making companywide changes to ensure they are continuing to satisfy their customers whilst operating in an economically viable manner.

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New mobile business models in #Banking?

New providers are emerging all the time, often enabled by technology and focused on delivering a fresh, relevant experience for the customer. Two examples are N26 of Germany and Canada’s Koho, both of which place an emphasis on mobile banking and putting more control in the hands of customers.

Are these businesses a sign of what the future holds for retail banking, and what could that mean for established financial institutions?

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Are there branches in the Star Trek universe?

Yet, with new technologies emerging faster than ever, I’m having to ask myself whether there is indeed a future for branch banking. In these situations, I often find it is helpful to refer to the great predictor of technological trends – Star Trek. Star Trek predicted tablets, universal translators, natural language computing, and hand held communicators well before technology was ready to make them a reality.

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“Open Banking” in a nutshell

The terms “Open Banking” or “API Banking” comes up quite often in discussions about the future of Banking and finance. the term is also used to describe two pieces of financial regulation: The competition and Market Authority’s (CMA’s) ‘Open Banking Remedy’ and the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).

But what does this mean in conrete?

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