Angry Birds – the future of banking

Many of us have been enthusiastic participants in the destruction of well-known businesses over the past few years as we move from buying physical goods in physical stores (books from Waterstones) to digital goods in digital stores (e-books from Amazon), and it doesn’t take a genius to see that banking is heading the same way.
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Bank Builds Medieval Role-Playing Mobile Video Game

BB&T, a regional bank in the U.S., is promoting leadership skills in an unusual app for iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices.

BB&T has released “Legacy: A BB&T Leadership Challenge,” a multi-platform, mobile gaming app that teaches players leadership skills.

The mobile game catapults the player into the role of a fledgling settler aspiring to become the new ruler of a Gothic-themed medieval province. The player’s quest is to lead a quirky cast of characters in the dysfunctional community of Failburg, and help transform it into a thriving province. The journey takes players through a series of role-playing challenges that require good humor and leadership acumen to navigate successfully. With help from the king, players can rise to a position of leadership and influence, depending on the choices they make and interactions with other game characters.
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Gamification Addiction – will banks get hooked on dopamine?

I seem to be finding a lot of articles relating to gamification nowadays.  I read this Forbes articles recently and it really resonated.   It is strange how gaming and entertainment, despite seeming trivial, have come to be seen as having the potential to make a profound impact on our work environment.

However, as I read through his examination of how the top 2000 global organisations that use gamification internally, I felt there was much more to say on the use of gamification when companies- and specifically banks – are looking outward.  I am going to use some of Penenberg’s arguments to examine the landscape of gamification for banks looking to further engage with their customers.
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2014 Forecast: Gamification and the Year Ahead in Banking

While U.S. banks have been slow to adopt gamification, a whole market is set to grow around the concept that will change customer expectations for user experiences.

Few banks, particularly in the U.S., have begun using gamification in their digital interactions with customers, but globally the concept is gaining ground, according to a study on innovation and gamification in banking by Infosys . The study surveyed 160 banks around the world, and while only 9% of them had implemented some form of gamification, another 35% said they have plans in the next two years to adopt gamification.
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Gamification & Banking

I don’t know what we did before the term gamification was coined. Back in the day we just talked about comparisons, metrics, charts and so on (or maybe “game mechanics” if you working on your PhD). But it’s nice to be able to wrap those concepts up into a single term, even if it does have a bit of a frivolous, video-gaming connotation.
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