What Banks Can Learn About Branding From Nike’s Air Jordan

Winning the attention and loyalty of today’s disengaged banking consumers is no simple task. While most financial institutions continue to rely on old marketing strategies to grow, there are lessons we can learn from the sports marketing industry, where even gym sneakers and soda pop have been transformed into high-priced symbols of brand loyalty.
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Why Most Banks Waste Their Time On ‘Branding’

Do you confuse “brand building” with “bank building?” Slick logos and pretty fonts aren’t enough to build a powerful brand.

Let’s be honest about the dark art of “branding” in the financial industry: it’s usually a big waste of time.

Now I can hear graphic designers, ad agencies and marketing directors screaming about that comment.

But it’s the truth — at least the way most financial institutions approach branding.

Typical branding campaigns focus on the graphic identity — logos, fonts, design and colors. Sometimes it’s a labored, lengthy pursuit of the just-right image, the perfect Pantone shade and just the ideal brand typeface. Other times, it’s a tweak here, a refresh there… and viola! You’ve got yourself an exciting “new brand” for the bank.
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Bank Hopes Green Chairs Are ‘A Good Fit’ With Customers

Associated Bank looks to boost its brand awareness with marketing centered around green chairs, customer testimonials, a celebrity endorsement from QB Aaron Rodgers, and a new tagline.

When the marketing team at Associated Bank began started exploring new ways they could bolster the organization’s brand awareness in the marketplace, it’s unlikely any of them realized they would wind up pinning their hopes to a green chair.
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6 Common Advertising Mistakes Banks Make

These days, we all wear a multitude of hats in our daily jobs. And with technology and the industry changing around us at record speed, it’s easy to overlook a thing or two. But at the end of the day, it’s results that count. So here are six common mistakes that can mean the difference between advertising that performs, and advertising that simply chews up your Budget.

Here are six reasons banking ads don’t work, and how you can avoid them.
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Sales & Marketing Lessons for Financial Institutions From the Retail Sector

On holidays like Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day traditional retailers have door-busters, sidewalk sales and clearance events. And what do banks and credit unions normally do on these days? Close their doors.
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Would You Have Approved This Ad?

Branding is built on differentiation. Differentiation takes courage. Here’s a gut-check exercise for financial marketers.

I play a little mental game from time to time to help me keep my creative mind open. The game is called, “Would I Have Approved That?” It’s a game that’s easy to learn, simple to play, and you can do it just about anywhere. But before I explain the rules, a little Background.
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Does native advertising have any future in mobile banking?

A new trend in the digital publishing world is a shift toward ‘native advertising.’  Advertisers are beginning to make ads more subtle, blending them into the actual content of the website.  The ads are presented in a way that flows seamlessly with the voice and style their environment.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others have been doing this for a while, but only recently has editorial media adopted the style.  Some predict native ads will dominate digital channels across all industries in 2014. See below for examples from Twitter and Facebook.
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