Amazon’s Mayday Button Could Revolutionize Banking

It’s time for banks and credit unions to consider the potential of providing mobile banking customers single-click live customer support similar to Amazon’s Mayday button that is embedded on the latest Kindle Fire HDX tablets. Similar to a virtual version of Apple’s store-based Genius Bar, without needing to wait in line or leave your house, a banking version of Mayday could provide both basic customer support as well as specialized or advisory services that could revolutionize both mobile and online banking.
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Deutsche betreiben keine Vorsorge

Die Deutschen wünschen sich einen hohen Lebensstandard im Alter, legen aber wenig Geld zurück. Aktuelle Studie über die Widersprüche beim Sparen und Vorsorgen der Konsumenten.

Filialgeschäft vor dem Umbruch

Einer kürzlich veröffentlichten Studie zufolge steht das klassische Filialgeschäft, nicht zuletzt durch die digitale Revolution, vor einem gewaltigen Umbruch und die Wachstumsaussichten sind eher bescheiden.

Technology, Humans and Customer Service

This is a story about bad customer service and lessons it holds for financial services firms.

At the risk of disclosing more than anyone might want to know about my personal finances, my last round of home refinancing brought me to Charles Schwab, where I took out a conforming first mortgage and a HELOC.  Schwab then sold the servicing rights to Quicken Loans, who styles itself as the “Home Loan Provider of Charles Schwab Bank.”
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Exploring Social Connectivity in Retail Banking

There is a shift in retail banking towards the use of social technologies to deliver value in mobile services for money Management.

With that, the pace of social technology adoption by companies has started to accelerate. Non-banks like Moven and Simple, as well as a number of European service providers have launched more “socially integrated” mobile banking applications in the past few years. However, most of these products (and the financial services industry as a whole) have only scratched the surface with building functionality into the customer experience to engage with customers and pinpoint the ROI of mobile Banking.
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The informed consumer expects augmented service

We may focus upon mobile banking and customer engagement today, but soon we will focus upon augmented servicing that is proactive and predictive to encourage advocacy.

This is due to debits and credits taking place around us, behind the scenery, and therefore the need for informed service will be more critical than ever before.

Picture this scene in the near future: Chris is taking a journey into the city.  He walks past the ticket office at the subway station, and says “travelcard”.  The options appears in his eyewear and Chris chooses option 2 for all zones off-peak by saying “option two”.
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Is Bank Customer Service Really THAT Bad?

Carlisle & Gallagher published research looking into consumers’ experiences, attitudes, and perceptions regarding banks’ customer service capabilities. Overall, an excellent study with solid data and sound conclusions.

The deck prepared by C&G is titled Are Two Calls Too Many in the Eyes of the Customer? reflecting the firm’s conclusion that first-call resolution is critical to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

My take: I don’t dispute the findings of the study, but I do think that some of the data may be misinterpreted.

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Is Bank Customer Service Really THAT Bad?