Party Time at the Branch

Everyone in our industry acknowledges banks need to be different, and we’ve explored numerous initiatives on, from video transactions to teller pods and community rooms.  But how about serving up a cocktail with your account statement?

That’s one way to look at St. Petersburg, Fla.-based C1 Bank’s new branch in Miami’s Wynwood district. Sure, it’s got all the amenities every branch needs, but be prepared for the teller desk to become a bar, and a fully stocked kitchen ready to accommodate a sizeable party of movers and shakers. In fact, the location actually doubles as an event space.

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10 Ways iBeacon Can Improve Banking Sales & Service

At a time when banks and credit unions are trying to improve the economics of branch banking, iBeacon could deliver a personalized digital sales experience as soon as the customer enters a branch Office.

iBeacon, working in conjunction with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), can integrate the physical and mobile channels, enabling a bank’s mobile app to deliver highly tailored digital promotions, coupons or offers directly to the consumer’s smartphone when the customer is in the general vicinity of an office, at any specific location within an office or at an ATM.
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Branch Banking: Change the Mindset from ‘Survive’ to ‘Thrive’

It goes without saying that the branch experience has changed drastically over the past century and even more so with significant advances in technology in just the last decade. With walk-in traffic electing to embrace home and mobile banking options, several leading banks are directing their focus and attention on investments that improve the digital experience to complement, not compete with, emerging consumer preferences. Despite the recent trends, we still see opportunity for branches to thrive alongside these non-traditional banking channels in the near-term and long-term.
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One Third of Consumers Are Now Banking Without Branches

Bank branches are lonelier places these days. 58% of those under 30 have visited a branch in the last month. But don’t rush to shutdown your brick-and-mortar locations yet… half of all Americans still bank in Person.

Three in ten Americans haven’t visited a bank or credit union branch in at least six months, according to a report from But half of Americans have visited a branch to conduct personal financial business within the past 30 days
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The Evolution of Modern Banking

Times are changing, and today’s digital world is having widespread effects on an array of consumer behaviors, including how we handle our finances. Electronics and mobility are key trends for financial institutions to keep track of, but consumers aren’t ready to sever all ties with their local bank branches just yet.

According to Nielsen data from a custom study conducted in November 2013, the vast majority of U.S. consumers (82%) have entered the digital arena, stating that they banked online at least once in the last 30 days. The high percentage speaks to the prevalence of the digital world in consumers’ lives, especially when compared against the 68 percent of people who said they had visited a physical branch in the same period.
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Ten Myths about Workplace Banking

Bank-at-Work programs can drive the acquisition of quality customer accounts if implemented in a structured, disciplined manner.

Financial institutions are facing declining branch transactions and diminished branch sales. As a result, more banks are looking to Workplace Banking as an effective channel for attracting new customers, expanding relationships with existing customers and therefore improving sales productivity and cost efficiency. After all, Workplace Banking puts branch teams in front of prospects and customers they no longer see in the branch.
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Are digital banks losing sight of the customer?

In a discussion of the future bank, it appears that we all talk about digital being the focal point but it’s the wrong focal point.

Customer is the focus.

It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the technology and forget about the customer.

That’s what worries me today when I see banks rolling out sexy apps and wearable gadgetry, when the real point is the process, information, service, capability and competency of the bank to evolve their business with the technology.

And to do that at the speed of the customer’s Need.
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Going Local With Branch Marketing…

Here’s how financial institutions can translate sophisticated branch data into hyper-local programming through digital signage.

Bank marketers have always known the profile, interests and needs of their customers can differ wildly even between a pair of branches on the same city street.

But they’ve struggled to figure out how to effectively communicate with those different crowds, at that level of granularity. Delivering locally relevant messaging can get very complicated, very quickly.
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Sales & Marketing: Preparing for a Future without Bank Branches

During lunch at Bank Innovations conference , I engaged in a spirited debate about the value of branches. And later that week, I enjoyed Optirate’s rebuttal to The Financial Brand’s defense of bank branches. It’s one of the more highly charged, and important, issues of the day.
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Banking by Appointment – Bring it On!

Wells Fargo promoted new banking by appointment via outbound e-mail marketing. I say it’s about time! Online appointment booking is just plain smart. It’s also overdue. For years, consumers have been able to schedule appointments with healthcare providers, hair dressers and restaurants – why not Banks?
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