Is a FinTech revolution brewing in Continental Europe?

With the continent’s share of FinTech funding and deals under 6% of the global volumes (and less than 2% in the German-speaking countries), this is not a post about a burgeoning fintech scene in the region.

However, talking to or meeting over a hundred startups, investors and banks for the first study of fintech startups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, here are five reasons why the fintech scene in the region bears watching:
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Customer relationships and demographics are meaningless to Digital Banks, who just focus upon empowering digital communities

Having taken a gun to omnichannel and a meat cleaver to the banking system, today’s turn is the customer.

No, I’m not going to kill the customer – we love them and delight them! – but I do want to have a go at two other popular misconceptions.

Customer relationships and customer demographics.

On the relationship side, most banks talk about relationship banking.

They want to have a relationship with the customer.

They need to engage the customer in a great customer experience and all that.
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Amazon Becomes Retail Bank Role Model has revolutionized everything from publishing to online shopping. But can it save retail banking?

The Internet giant was the virtual guest of honor this month at Retail Banking 2014, an American Banker conference. On stage and in interviews, top bank executives repeatedly invoked Amazon’s name as an example of what they aspire to become.
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Customer Centricity In Banking: Your To-Do List

Many of us have a memory from our childhood of the friendly local bank where the tellers were our neighbors. Those days are quickly becoming the distant past as the retail banking industry comes under competitive pressure from nontraditional options such as Internet-only banking, prepaid cards, and services like PayPal.
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The World of Multi-Channel Delivery

“When in doubt, mumble. When in trouble, delegate. When in charge, ponder.” -James Boren Let’s talk about the multi-channel experience we’re all designing. As we get deeper into the world of branch/Internet/mobile delivery, a very clear planning tenet has been the development of a “seamless, consistent, easy cross-channel experience.” Perfectly valid. Nobody who lives in all of these channels will accept anything but easy. We already know that. – See more at:
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Maybe The Experience Doesn’t Matter (That Much)

EY (is it not called Ernst & Young anymore?) released its 2014 Global Consumer Banking Survey recently. For a better review of it than I’ll provide here, see the summary on The Financial Brand, or download the report directly.

The report goes to some lengths to establish the connection between the level of trust consumers have in their banks and their intentions to refer their banks, as well as to open new accounts.
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Banks Need to Focus on Service and Simplicity

The biggest challenge ahead for banks is providing excellent service, a new study has found.

Simplicity, advice and problem-solving are the three areas where customers are looking for more from their banks, according to a recent study by Ernst & Young.
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