It’s Simple: Banks Need to Build Better Apps… Or Buy Them

Increased competition from challenger brands is disrupting the financial industry. Seamless digital banking has a long way to go. BBVA’s recent acquisition of Simple illustrates the importance of this movement and what it may take for banks to get there.
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Banks Falling Behind Pace of Innovation in Mobile Apps

Banks Falling Behind Pace of Innovation in Mobile Apps

A new survey by CSC and Finextra found that many banks struggle to quickly release new mobile apps, citing competition for internal IT resources.

The proliferation of new devices and operating systems makes the pace of change in mobile hard for many organizations to keep up with. But banks seem to be particularly apt to fall behind the pace of innovation in mobile, according to a new study released by CSC and Finextra.
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UX Lessons for Card Issuers from the New Starbucks Mobile App

When I moved to Seattle, Starbucks had just four locations. So I’ve had a ring-side seat in their climb to worldwide ubiquity. Though not a huge fan of their coffee, I greatly admire their business model, technology, and payments innovations.

I have been paying with the Starbucks mobile app for the past few months (note 1) as have 14% of its customers. It’s great as long as there is a queue. That gives you plenty of time to go through the 9-step mobile payments process (10 steps with tipping):
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Tell Me What I Don’t Know: Next Gen Mobile Banking

What do Peek, Loungebuddy and Bandsintown have in common, and, to amplify the riddle, what do they have to do with banking?

All three iOS apps do something that the vast majority of banking mobile applications don’t: leverage other data streams on the mobile device. They also – and here is the important point – do not require any action on the part of the user in order to do so. Banking mobile applications had better start doing this soon.
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P2P Payment Simplicity Square’d

Some of the best mobile banking apps are those that make everyday tasks simpler. Two of my favorites are GoBank‘s Balance Bar, that lets you see your account balance without login, and Moven‘s real-time mobile purchase receipts and analysis.

Tuesday, Square, Inc. joined my growing list of über-simple mobile banking applications with their introduction of Square Cash, a new app that makes sending money person to person as simple as sending an email. In today’s mobile world, simplicity is the ‘new black’.
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A Google Glass Banking App Grows in Spain, and It’s Actually Useful

There has been speculation for some time about the form a Google Glass banking app would take.

The suspense is over.

Spain’s Banco Sabadell has created a banking app for Google Glass that displays the nearest ATM, allows the viewing of accounts and supports 24/7 video conferencing. Sabadell isn’t just tilting at windmills — this is a useful app.

The surprisingly full-featured app was developed in a pilot program with a company called Droiders, and the pilot’s success has led the bank to invite developers to create more Google Glass apps for the bank through its Open Apps innovation program.
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Is the Google Glass half full or half empty?

In February 2013, the release of Google Glass to developers was greeted with much fanfare in the press and excitement in the blogosphere. So, was this all puff? What has happened since?

Well, there is no doubt that it is still early days. After all, the actual device is not going to be commercially available until 2014. However, there are already some interesting signs of activity. In fact, a few banks have already announced Glass applications – and we can glean some insights about the likely direction of future Glass based banking applications.
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Americans Rate the Best and Worst Mobile Banking Apps

Why did U.S. consumers rank Citizen’s Bank highest? And what three critical areas do several banks need to improve in? It’s easy enough to find out. Just pop on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, where you can look at customer ratings and reviews.

That’s precisely what Xtreme Labs did. They analyzed hundreds of consumer comments about the mobile capabilities of the top 53 U.S. banks (as ranked by total assets), then issued a report ranking the best and worst banking apps in the industry.
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Define PFM

The core of the issue here is simple: There is no clear definition about what PFM is (and isn’t). There is no common understanding — among bankers or consumers — about what PFM is. I don’t have research to back me up, but I’m willing to bet that if you showed a representative sample of consumers a list of companies that included Mint, BillGuard, Lemon, Credit Karma, and Manilla, and asked: “Which of these companies offers a “pure” PFM?” you would get blank stares from 98% of them.

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