How to Become Your Customers’ Everyday Bank

Banks have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the vast amounts of customer insight they hold to go beyond simply facilitating payments. They can reinvent themselves as an Everyday Bank, helping customers reach decisions about what to buy, when and where to purchase, and even helping to negotiate the best deals in a ubiquitous Format.
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Customer on-boarding can be a differentiator for banks

The customer on-boarding process gives any organization a chance to make a great first impression with a client. The financial services marketplace is competitive and therefore the focus is on providing an unmatched customer experience. The reality isthat customer on-boarding is not only document-intensive, but also compliance-driven and therefore has traditionally been a slow and bureaucratic process. Adding to this challenge is the need to provide consistent customer service across the web and mobile channels. Fortunately, there are technology solutions that can provide template-based processes that can access information across the organization to ensure a smooth and hassle-free customer on-boarding experience.
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The Starbucks Effect in a Subscription Economy

I was at the ServiceSource headquarters in San Francisco last week when the afternoon “I need caffeine or I’ll lose it” feeling hit. You know what I’m talking about.

As I found myself wending my way on autopilot towards the closest Starbucks, I stopped for a moment to ponder why I keep on returning to a coffee chain in a city that’s known for having some pretty incredible coffee.  As I took my place in a long line of other people feeling that same afternoon slump, it hit me.
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Customer Centricity In Banking: Your To-Do List

Many of us have a memory from our childhood of the friendly local bank where the tellers were our neighbors. Those days are quickly becoming the distant past as the retail banking industry comes under competitive pressure from nontraditional options such as Internet-only banking, prepaid cards, and services like PayPal.
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Is There A Chief Renewals Officer In Your Future?

There is only one boss. The customer.  

And he can fire everyone from the Chairman down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. 

(Sam Walton, 1977)

A customer-centric focus is not a new concept in business. Over the years, many companies have talked how ‘the customer the king’ or that ‘the customer is always right’.

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Is There A Chief Renewals Officer In Your Future?

Banking by Appointment – Bring it On!

Wells Fargo promoted new banking by appointment via outbound e-mail marketing. I say it’s about time! Online appointment booking is just plain smart. It’s also overdue. For years, consumers have been able to schedule appointments with healthcare providers, hair dressers and restaurants – why not Banks?
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How Three Credit Unions Are Cultivating Relationships With Gen-Y Members

Financial services organizations have a keen eye on the highly-regarded Gen-Y consumers and are spending considerable time, money and marketing resources trying to attract and keep them. Here’s how three credit unions are forging relationships with members that are built on trust, service and loyalty.
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