Mobile Banking and the Bloack Swan

Mobile Banking is growing faster than many banks have expected. Why is there still so much confusion and why does it matter? The risk for banks is that they are being left in the dust digitally, and even more of a concern, most don’t even know it yet, and I have evidence.

Black Swans are improbable, but obvious after you meet one. Mobile Banking seems to be such a case.

Read more at Monetise When Challengers become Black Swans


2 thoughts on “Mobile Banking and the Bloack Swan

  1. Banking sector are trying to be too competitive against each other, security is foremost for phone banking whereas desktop computers you are able to control with numerous passwords and pins. From a phone most will go with apps, I can well imagine the tussle to organize that correctly, people just don’t trust putting a password into a phone, since phone security is still lacking. Great article thanks Hansjorg.

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