Synchronizing customer service with the times

As I finished registering for ICICI’s latest Facebook app, known as Pockets, I felt that I always wanted such a feature. Pockets allows an individual to transfer money to Facebook friends without knowing their account details. This also obviates the need to log on to a banking website. Even though this was a new innovation, I could not help but feel that it was long awaited.

Internet and tech toys have completely transformed the game plan for several industries. For example, books are not only published as e-books but also come in tablet-supported formats for easier reading. Online registration of travel and hotel tickets has posed a threat to the business of travel agents. And there is no end to the list of consumer products that can be bought online. Amidst such fast-paced evolution, the banking industry seems to have fallen behind. Of course, channels like e-banking and mobile have simplified banking, but there is much more to be desired.

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