The re-tail wagging the wholesale dog

I talked yesterday about digital banks underpinning corporate digitisation, but corporate digitisation is being driven by consumers.

That’s a radical statement in itself with the most radical aspect being the consumerisation of technology.  That is the real change here, and this theme comes up at every conference I go to.

This is because we all lament the good old days of centralised control, and slow change.

It used to be that we had computers for government purposes.

It was then developed for commercial usage.

Now, children are the ultimate consumer of technology change.

We used to know that communication was one-way and we didn’t have to listen.

Today, you must listen or you become irrelevant.

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The re-tail wagging the wholesale dog


One thought on “The re-tail wagging the wholesale dog

  1. I’m not sure that this relates to your blog, but in my short 4 year span as a retail business, I could see trendsetting happening. The wholesalers will choke out retailers via online “wholesale to public,” but as wholesalers will drive retailers out, importers will eventually choke wholesalers. Just my opinion. Great blog.

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