Banking basics for the digital age

As I finished presenting at a recent conference, an audience member came up to me and said: “I guess you don’t like banks very much, do you?”

The question surprised me as I love banks.  I make my living from banks.  My only thought throughout each day is what’s next in banking.

I said this to the guy, and he said he was surprised how I spent most of my time on the blog, and in public speaking, openly criticising the banks for being slow, uncustomer focused and purely in it for the shareholder return.

“Ah”, I replied.  “You’re right there.  I don’t like the banks in that sense. But that is not disliking banks, that is disliking past bank thinking.”

He asked me to explain, and so here’s the Thing.

Read more at Financial Services Club Blog

Banking basics for the digital age


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