Are digital banks losing sight of the customer?

In a discussion of the future bank, it appears that we all talk about digital being the focal point.  Even though my new book is called that, it’s the wrong focal point however.

Customer is the focus.

It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the technology and forget about the customer.

That’s what worries me today when I see banks rolling out sexy apps and wearable gadgetry, when the real point is the process, information, service, capability and competency of the bank to evolve their business with the technology.

And to do that at the speed of the customer’s need.

This point struck me on the one hand, the way in which new entrants are offering digital channel services; on another hand, when looking at how existing banks are renewing their internal systems for digitisation; and, on the other hand (yes, I have three hands!), from the delivery of digital channels from some of the existing banks.

Read more at Financial Services Club Blog

Are digital banks losing sight of the customer?


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