Rising tide trends in 2014

Last year, my magic crystal balls helped me get 6 out of 7 predictions right. Let’s see if I can do even better this year.

As a quick summary, my predictions for 2014 are based on proliferation of alternative form factors (wearables and uber-wallets) that combine several interfaces (BLE, NFC and GSM) to disrupt major use cases (mobile payments in physical retail, e-commerce payments, mass transit, user authentication).

Key players will be Apple (kickstarting several major trends, based on secure user authentication) and start-ups, in partnership with the card networks, issuers and TSMs. Key losers will be mobile operators and mPOS companies. My question marks are PayPal (strategy), MCX (user experience) and Google (ability to respond to Apple). There we go.

Read more at Finextra

Rising tide trends in 2014


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