Merchant’s Mobile Wallet Math

If my basement (where I work) ever floods (again), the three things I’m grabbing are my iPad, my iPod (with the hundreds of Grateful Dead shows I have on it), and my GonzoBanker mug.

I’m convinced that mug will be worth…oh, I don’t know….$3 or $4 on eBay someday.

No matter. Love my GonzoBanker mug, love the GonzoBanker site, and have the utmost respect for the Gonzos from Cornerstone.

It was kind of CUES to let me sit in on a webinar the Gonzos presented the other day. Cornerstone has developed what they call a Payments Scorecard to help banks and credit unions understand how well they’re doing to generate payments-related revenue (call/DM/email them directly to find out more).

Read more at Snarketing 2.0

Merchant’s Mobile Wallet Math


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