Crowdsourcing in banking: Realising the potential

Crowdsourcing is a powerful thing. So powerful it’s starting to make some waves in the banking world, but it isn’t new.

I’ve always been an advocate of it as a method of highlighting and organising quality content, ever since I first logged on to the news site (now shoved out the door by the more popular aggregator, Reddit).

For the uninitiated, it’s a system that allows a crowd (users, members, customers) to make votes on content, ideas, links, etc. so the best content rises to the top.

The Wiki sites give everyone editing power so a large pool of proof-readers can weed out inaccuracies. Groupon uses it for bargain-hunters looking to get the best deal possible. And Reddit lets its members vote for the best content to make it to its homepage (a site now so popular, it claims itself to be the ‘Front page of the Internet’).

So what’s this got to do with banking?

Read more at Finextra

Crowdsourcing in banking: Realising the potential


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