Systems of Engagement are Key Enablers for Omnibanking

Omni-channel is probably one of the hottest buzzwords in the retail industry and we’re starting to see it spill over into other industries like financial services.  Omni-channel opens up the doors for organizations to attract and satisfy customers by engaging with them on a whole new level as they become more tech savvy and engage with brands digitally.  Similar to retail, the key goal to omni-channel for banking is delivering a seamless experience across channels.  Many of the top financial institutions and fintech start-ups are quickly mastering the online and mobile channels.  While, mobile devices serve as the key enabler for delivering an omni-channel experience for banking customers, being great in the mobile channel is only the first step to becoming an omnibanking leader. First generation mobile banking apps were primarily silos; however, this is changing as leading financial innovators develop mobile banking applications that focus on integrating channels for a more seamless customer experience. Ultimately, the movement away from multi-channel toward ‘omni’ is less about creating identical experiences but rather creating banking services that allow customers to complete various transactions, add services and make inquiries in a seamless manner.

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Systems of Engagement are Key Enablers for Omnibanking


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